Fiat Uno Manual

Distributor - removal and refitting
Ignition system / Distributor - removal and refitting

1 Remove the spark plug from No. 4 cylinder and then turn the crankshaft either by applying a spanner to the pulley nut or by jacking up a front wheel, engaging top gear and turning the wheel in the forward direction of travel.

2 Place a finger over the plug hole and feel the compression being generated as the piston rises up the cylinder bore.

3 Alternatively, if the rocker cover is off, check that the valves on No. 1 cylinder are closed.

4 Continue turning the crankshaft until the flywheel and flywheel housing (BTDC) ignition timing marks are in alignment. Number 4 piston is now in firing position.

5 Remove the distributor cap and place it to one side complete with high tension leads.

6 Disconnect the distributor vacuum hose and low tension lead (photo).

6.6 Distributor LT connection
6.6 Distributor LT connection

7 Mark the distributor pedestal mounting plinth in relation to the crankcase. Also mark the contact end of the rotor in relation to the rim of the distributor body.

8 Unbolt the clamp plate and withdraw the distributor.

9 Refit by having No. 4 piston at its firing position and the distributor rotor and pedestal marks aligned, then push the distributor into position, mating it to the splined driveshaft.

10 If a new distributor is being fitted then of course alignment marks will not be available to facilitate installation in which case, hold the unit over its mounting hole and observe the following.

903 cc engine: Distributor cap high tension lead sockets pointing towards alternator and at 90º to centre line of rocker cover. Contact end of rotor arm pointing towards No. 4 contact in distributor cap (when fitted).

1116 cc and 1301 cc engine: Distributor vacuum unit pointing downwards at 135º to rear edge of timing belt cover. Contact end of rotor arm pointing towards No. 4 contact in distributor cap (when fitted).

11 Tighten the distributor clamp bolt, reconnect the vacuum hose and the low tension leads. Refit the distributor cap. Screw in the spark plug.

12 Check the ignition timing as described in Section 4.

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