Fiat Uno Manual

Crankcase ventilation system
Engine / Crankcase ventilation system

1 This system is designed to draw oil fumes and blow-by gas (which has passed the piston rings) from the crankcase and draw it into the intake manifold when it will then be burned during the normal combustion process.

2 Regularly check the security of the system hoses which run from the rocker cover or crankcase breather unit (photo).

3.2 Crankcase vent hose (1116 cc)
3.2 Crankcase vent hose (1116 cc)

3 Periodically, detach the hoses and clean them out with paraffin and a brush or rag pull through.

4 Evidence of sludge or emulsified oil within the hoses or inside the oil filler cap will indicate that the engine is running too cool particularly if the car is used mainly for short journeys where the engine never reaches full working temperature.

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