Fiat Uno Manual

Fuel tank - removal and refitting
Fuel system / Fuel tank - removal and refitting

1 It is preferable to remove the fuel tank when it has only a very small quantity of fuel in it. If this cannot be arranged, syphon out as much fuel as possible into a suitable container which can be sealed.

2 The tank is mounted just forward of the rear axle.

3 Disconnect the filler hose and the breather hose from the tank (photo).

5.3 Fuel tank filler and vent hoses
5.3 Fuel tank filler and vent hoses

4 Unscrew the mounting bolts from the support straps and lower the tank using a jack with a block of wood as an insulator. Release the handbrake cable from its support bracket on the side of the tank (photo).

5.4 Fuel tank mounting straps
5.4 Fuel tank mounting straps

5 Once the tank has been lowered sufficiently far, disconnect the fuel supply and return hoses, breather hose and sender unit leads and remove the tank from the car.

Warning: Never attempt to solder or weld a fuel tank yourself; always leave fuel tank repairs to the experts. Never syphon fuel into a container in an inspection pit. Fuel vapour is heavier than air and can remain in the pit for a considerable time.

6 If the tank contains sediment or water, clean it out by using several changes of paraffin and shaking vigorously. In order to avoid damage to the sender unit, remove this before commencing operations.

7 Finally allow to drain and rinse out with clean fuel.

8 Refit by reversing the removal operations.

9 On 1984 and later models, the fuel tank is of plastic construction.

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