Fiat Uno Manual

Engine/transmission - removal and separation (1116 cc and 1301 cc engines)
Engine / Engine/transmission - removal and separation (1116 cc and 1301 cc engines)

1 Open the bonnet, disconnect the windscreen washer tube.

2 Mark the hinge positions on the underside of the bonnet and then with the help of an assistant to support its weight unbolt and remove the bonnet to a safe place.

3 Disconnect the battery negative lead.

4 Drain the cooling system and the engine and transmission oils.

5 Remove the air cleaner.

6 From the rear of the alternator disconnect the electrical leads.

7 Disconnect the leads from the starter motor, oil pressure and coolant temperature switches, also the oil temperature switch.

8 Disconnect the LT lead from the distributor and the HT lead from the ignition coil.

9 Disconnect the clutch cable from the release lever at the transmission. Also disconnect the speedometer drive cable (knurled ring).

10 Pull the leads from the reversing lamp switch.

11 Disconnect all coolant hoses from the engine. Also disconnect the brake servo hose from the intake manifold.

12 Disconnect the choke and throttle controls from the carburettor.

13 Disconnect the inlet hose from the fuel pump and plug the hose.

14 Disconnect the fuel return hose from the carburettor.

15 Disconnect the coolant hoses from the carburettor throttle block.

16 Raise the front of the car and remove the front roadwheels.

17 Unscrew and remove the driveshaft to hub nuts. These are very tight and a long knuckle bar will be required when unscrewing them. Have an assistant apply the brake pedal hard to prevent the hub from turning.

18 Working under the car, remove the inner wing protective shields and then disconnect the exhaust downpipe from the manifold.

19 Disconnect the exhaust pipe sections by removing the socket clamp just forward of the rear axle beam. Remove the front section.

20 Disconnect the forward ends of the gearchange rods by prising their sockets from the ballstuds.

21 Unscrew the nuts on the steering tie-rod end balljoints and then using a suitable “splitter” tool, separate the balljoints from the steering arms.

22 Unbolt the front brake hose support clips from the suspension struts and then remove the bolts which secure the hub carriers to the U-clamps at the base of the suspension struts.

23 Pull the tops of the hub carriers down and then outwards and push the driveshafts from them.

24 Unbolt the driveshaft inboard boot retainers and then remove the driveshafts from the transmission.

25 Support the engine on a hoist or use a trolley jack under the engine/transmission.

Remove the bottom mounting and then the upper left and right-hand ones.

26 Lower the power unit to the floor by pushing it to the left-hand side to clear the right-hand mounting bracket and then swivel the gearbox towards the rear of the car.

Withdraw the engine/transmission from under the car.

27 External dirt and grease should now be removed using paraffin and a stiff brush or a water-soluble solvent.

28 Unbolt and remove the engine mounting brackets and the starter motor.

29 Unbolt and remove the cover plate with the gearchange ball stud strut from the lower front face of the flywheel housing.

30 With the engine resting squarely on its sump pan, unscrew the flywheel housing connecting bolts, noting the location of any lifting lugs and hose and wiring clips.

31 Support the weight of the transmission and withdraw it in a straight line from the engine.

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