Fiat Uno Manual

Engine - initial start-up after overhaul or major repair (903 cc engine)
Engine / Engine - initial start-up after overhaul or major repair (903 cc engine)

1 Make sure that the battery is fully charged and that all lubricants, coolant and fuel are replenished.

2 If the fuel system has been dismantled it will require several revolutions of the engine on the starter motor to pump the petrol up to the carburettor.

3 Turn the carburettor throttle speed screw through one complete turn to increase the idle speed in order to offset the initial stiffness of new engine internal components.

4 As soon as the engine fires and runs, keep it going at a fast idle speed and bring it up to normal working temperature.

5 As the engine warms up there will be odd smells and some smoke from parts getting hot and burning off oil deposits. The signs to look for are leaks of water or oil which will be obvious.

6 Check also the exhaust pipe and manifold connections as these do not always “find” their exact gas tight position until the warmth and vibration have acted on them and it is almost certain that they will need tightening further. This should be done, of course, with the engine stopped.

7 When normal running temperature has been reached, adjust the engine idle speed as described in Chapter 3.

8 Stop the engine and wait a few minutes to see if any lubricant or coolant is dripping out when the engine is stationary.

9 Road test the car to check that the timing is correct and that the engine is giving the necessary smoothness and power. Do not race the engine - if new bearings and/or pistons have been fitted it should be treated as a new engine and run in at a reduced speed for the first 500 km (300 miles).

10 After the first 1500 km (900 miles) the cylinder head bolts must be re-torqued in the following way (engine cold).

11 Remove the air cleaner and rocker cover.

Unscrew the first bolt (Fig. 1.7) through a quarter turn and then tighten it to final stage 2 torque (see Specifications).

12 Repeat on the remaining bolts, one at a time.

13 Check and adjust the valve clearances (Section 5).

14 Refit the rocker cover and air cleaner.

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