Fiat Uno Manual

Engine/transmission - reconnection (903 cc engine)
Engine / Engine/transmission - reconnection (903 cc engine)

1 Support the weight of the transmission and offer it squarely to the engine. The splined input shaft should pass easily through the hub of the driven plate, provided the plate has been centralised as described in Chapter 5. It may be necessary to align the splines with the hub grooves, in which case have an assistant turn the crankshaft pulley nut. The alignment dowels will make the connection stiff, so drawing the engine and transmission together with two connecting bolts will ease it.

2 Once the engine and transmission are fully engaged, insert and tighten all the connecting bolts. Locate the lifting eyes.

3 Bolt on the flywheel housing cover plate and the mounting brackets.

4 Bolt on the starter motor.

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