Fiat Uno Manual

Supplement: Revisions and information on later models / Introduction

Since its introduction in 1983, the FIAT Uno has had a number of modifications and improvements including the fitting of a twin choke carburettor, low profile tyres, tinted windows and remotely-controlled central door locking.

The major mechanical change was the introduction of the FIRE (Fully Integrated Robotised Engine) on 45 and 45S models to be followed by a new 1108 cc “FIRE” engine on the 60S model from 1989 on.

A 1301 cc Turbo ie engine model was available for a short period. This model had a Bosch LE2 Jetronic electronic fuel injection (ie) and a turbocharger to give added performance. To uprate the braking to suit, disc brakes were fitted to the rear in place of the original drum type brakes.

A 1372 cc engine model was introduced in 1989. Two versions were initially available. A Bosch Mono-Jetronic single-point fuel injection (SPi) system, as found on the 70 SX model and Bosch L3.1 or L3.2 Jetronic multi-point fuel injection (MPi) systems were fitted to Turbo models. L3.2 MPi system models were equipped with catalytic converters, to improve exhaust emission. All fuel injection engines are fitted with electronically controlled engine management systems.

A new style instrument panel, switchgear and a revised facia layout was introduced in 1989.

During 1992, SPi fuel systems were fitted to the 999 cc and 1108 cc engines, along with catalytic converters for improved exhaust emissions.

Five speed transmissions were introduced to 999 cc models in 1993.

It is recommended that this Supplement is always referred to before the main Chapters of the Manual.

Project vehicles
The vehicles used in the preparation of this supplement, and appearing in many of the photographic sequences were a 1986 Uno 45S FIRE, a 1988 1301 cc Uno Turbo ie and a 1991 1372 cc Uno SXie.

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