Fiat Uno Manual

Door - removal and refitting
Bodywork / Door - removal and refitting

1 Open the door fully and support it under its lower edge on jacks or blocks covered with an insulating pad.

2 The door hinges are fixed to the doors with hexagonal headed bolts and to the body pillar with socket-headed bolts.

3 The door check is incorporated in the lower hinge (photo).

13.3 Door lower hinge
13.3 Door lower hinge

4 On cars equipped with door mounted speakers, central door locking or power operated windows, the electrical leads must be disconnected and withdrawn through the flexible duct before the door hinges are unbolted. Disconnection will require removal of the door trim panel as described in Section 11.

5 It is recommended that the door is unbolted from the hinge, leaving the hinge attached to the body pillar.

6 Refitting is a reversal of removal, but leave the bolts finger tight until the door has been gently closed and its alignment checked.

7 The door can be moved up and down or sideways using the travel provided by the elongated bolt holes.

8 If the door is not flush with the adjacent body panels then shims should be inserted under the hinges.

9 Adjust the striker to provide smooth positive closure (photo).

13.9 Door lock striker
13.9 Door lock striker

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