Fiat Uno Manual

Front wing - removal and refitting
Bodywork / Front wing - removal and refitting

1 Remove the headlamp and front parking lamp as described in Chapter 9.

2 Withdraw the side repeater lamp and disconnect the leads.

3 Remove the front roadwheel.

4 Working under the wing, remove the fixing screw and withdraw the plastic protective shield (photos).

10.4A Unscrewing wing shield screw
10.4A Unscrewing wing shield screw

10.4B Removing wing shield
10.4B Removing wing shield

5 Unscrew the wing lower fixing screws at the front and rear ends.

6 Open the bonnet and support it. Then unscrew and remove the row of fixing screws from the inner top edge of the wing.

7 The wing joints will have to be cut round with a sharp knife to release the mastic seal before the wing can be lifted away.

8 Clean the body mating flanges in readiness for fitting the new wing.

9 Apply a bead of mastic to the body flanges and offer the new wing into position.

10 Refit the fixing screws.

11 Apply protective coating to the underside of the wing and refinish the outer surface to match the bodywork.

12 Refit the headlamp, parking lamp and repeater lamp.

13 Fit the under wing shield and the roadwheel, close the bonnet.

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