Fiat Uno Manual

Bonnet - removal and refitting
Bodywork / Bonnet - removal and refitting

1 Open the bonnet and support it on its stay.

2 Pencil around the hinges on the underside of the bonnet or stick strips of masking tape around them as a guide to refitting (photo).

7.2 Bonnet hinge
7.2 Bonnet hinge

3 With the help of an assistant, support the weight of the bonnet, unbolt the hinges and lift the bonnet from the car.

4 Refitting is a reversal of removal, but do not fully tighten the hinge bolts until the bonnet has been gently closed and its alignment checked. If the gap between the bonnet and the front wings is not equal on both sides, release the hinge bolts and move the bonnet within the elongation provided at the bolt holes.

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