Fiat Uno Manual

Maintenance - upholstery and carpets
Bodywork / Maintenance - upholstery and carpets

Mats and carpets should be brushed or vacuum-cleaned regularly, to keep them free of grit. If they are badly stained, remove them from the vehicle for scrubbing or sponging, and make quite sure they are dry before refitting. Seats and interior trim panels can be kept clean by wiping with a damp cloth. If they do become stained (which can be more apparent on light-coloured upholstery), use a little liquid detergent and a soft nail brush to scour the grime out of the grain of the material. Do not forget to keep the headlining clean in the same way as the upholstery.

When using liquid cleaners inside the vehicle, do not over-wet the surfaces being cleaned.

Excessive damp could get into the seams and padded interior, causing stains, offensive odours or even rot.

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