Fiat Uno Manual

Tie-rod end balljoint - renewal
Steering / Tie-rod end balljoint - renewal

1 Jack up the front of the car and remove the roadwheel from the side on which the balljoint is to be renewed.

2 Unscrew the tie-rod balljoint taper pin nut and, using a suitable extractor, separate the tie-rod balljoint from the eye of the steering arm (photo).

2.2 Disconnecting a tie-rod end balljoint
2.2 Disconnecting a tie-rod end balljoint

3 Release the locknut on the tie-rod, unscrewing it only just enough to be able to unscrew the tie-rod end from the tie-rod.

4 With the tie-rod end removed, wire brush the threads on the tie-rod without disturbing the position of the locknut; apply grease to the threads and screw on the new tie-rod end until the locknut can be tightened by turning it through the same amount of rotation it was given when unscrewed.

5 Reconnect the balljoint taper pin to the eye of the steering arm and tighten the retaining nut to the specified torque. Never grease the taper pin or eye; the pin will otherwise turn when the nut is tightened. If a taper pin is inclined to rotate when a nut is being tightened, apply pressure to the socket of the joint to force the taper pin into closer contact with the tapered hole in the eye. If a taper pin is pointing downward, a strong lever can be used to apply the extra pressure. Where the taper pin of a balljoint points upward, a jack placed under the joint socket will produce the desired result.

6 Although the careful fitting of the new tie-rod end will have approximately maintained the original front wheel alignment of the car, manufacturing differences alone of the new component make it essential to check the setting, as described in Section 8 and to adjust if necessary.

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