Fiat Uno Manual

Description and maintenance
Steering / Description and maintenance

1 The steering gear is of rack and pinion type with a universally-jointed column which incorporates a steering lock and ignition switch.

2 The steering wheel is of two spoke type on all models except the SX which has four spokes.

3 The system is maintenance-free except to check occasionally the pinch-bolts.

4 At the intervals specified in “Routine Maintenance” carefully inspect the rack gaiters for splits, particularly at the bottom of the vees, as a split here can often go unnoticed.

5 Check the tie-rod balljoints for wear. To do this, have an assistant turn the steering wheel repeatedly in both directions through an arc of about 10 or 15 degrees. Observe the balljoints for lost motion or slackness. If evident, renew the balljoint as described in Section 2

Fig. 10.1 Sectional view of steering gear (Sec 1)
Fig. 10.1 Sectional view of steering gear (Sec 1)

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