Fiat Uno Manual

Check control (warning module) system
Electrical system / Check control (warning module) system

1 This is fitted into the instrument panel of certain models to provide a means of checking the operation of many electrical circuits and other systems in the interest of safety. Sensors are used where appropriate.

2 The following components are not monitored by the system, but have separate warning lamps:
Handbrake “on”
Choke in use
Low engine oil pressure
Battery charge indicator 3 The multi-functional electronic device automatically checks the following functions whether the engine is running or not: Coolant level
Disc pad wear
Door closure
Engine oil level
Front parking lamps
Rear foglamps
Stop lamps
4 The check information is stored by the system monitor until the engine is started when the display panel then indicates the situation by means of the LEDs (light emitter diodes) and the general lamp.

5 If all functions are in order, the green panel lamp will come on when the ignition key is turned and will go out after two to three seconds.

6 If some functions are not in order, then the red panel lamp will come on also the appropriate LED.

Sensors - checking
7 If a fault signal occurs which is subsequently found to be incorrect, first check the wiring connections between the sensors, lamp circuits and the control unit.

Corrosion at the terminals may also be a contributory cause.

8 Never short circuit a sensor supply wire or the electronic module will be damaged.

Check control unit and monitor - removal and refitting
9 Remove the instrument panel as described in Section 21.

10 Unbolt the control unit housing from the instrument panel.

11 Access to the monitor can only be obtained after removing the tachometer and the red and green general warning lamps.

Unscrew the two monitor fixing bolts.

Fig. 9.15 Check system control panel (Sec 34)
Fig. 9.15 Check system control panel (Sec 34)

A Parking lamps
B Coolant level
C Engine oil level
D Door closure
E Brake fluid level
F Disc pad wear

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