Fiat Uno Manual

Headlamp beam - alignment
Electrical system / Headlamp beam - alignment

1 It is recommended that the headlamp beams are aligned by your dealer or a service station having optical setting equipment.

2 Where an owner wishes to do the job himself, proceed in the following way.

3 Have the car standing on a level floor with the tyres correctly inflated and square to a wall, at a distance of 10.0 m (32.8 ft) from it.

4 Mark the wall to correspond with the centres of the headlamps.

5 Switch to dipped beams when the brightest parts of the light pattern should be below the marks on the wall by an amount equal to one tenth of the distance between the floor and the mark on the wall.

6 Adjust the beams as necessary by turning the adjuster screws (A) vertical or (B) horizontal, which are located at the rear of the headlamp.

Fig. 9.3 Headlamp beam adjustment screws (Sec 17)
Fig. 9.3 Headlamp beam adjustment screws (Sec 17)

A Vertical
B Horizontal

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