Fiat Uno Manual

Rocker and push-button switches
Electrical system / Rocker and push-button switches

1 These are mounted in panels on each side of the instrument panel.

2 Disconnect the battery negative lead.

3 Prise off the instrument panel hood cover.

This is held in place by clips. The careful use of a screwdriver will assist in releasing them (see Section 21).

4 Extract the switch panel fixing screws.

These compress spring clips which in turn secure the switch panel (photo).

13.4 Switch panel screw
13.4 Switch panel screw

5 Withdraw the switch panel until the wiring plugs can be disconnected. Record the location of the plugs before disconnecting them. Carefully release the fibre optic filaments (photos).

13.5A Withdrawing switch panel
13.5A Withdrawing switch panel

13.5B Switch panel fibre optic
13.5B Switch panel fibre optic

6 A push-button switch can be removed by compressing its retaining tabs and pushing it from the panel.

7 A rocker switch can be removed if its knob is pulled off and the switch sections withdrawn from the panel.

8 Reassembly and refitting of both types of switches are reversals of removal and dismantling.

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