Fiat Uno Manual

Fuses and relays
Electrical system / Fuses and relays

1 The fuse box is located under the left-hand side of the facia panel and is held in place by two hand screws (photo).

10.1 Fuse block (later models)
10.1 Fuse block (later models)

1 Horn relay
2 Heated tailgate window relay

2 The fuses and the circuits protected are identified by symbols. Refer also to Specifications.

3 If a fuse blows, always renew it with one of identical rating. If the new fuse blows immediately, find the cause before renewing the fuse for the second time. This is usually due to defective wiring insulation causing a short circuit.

4 Never substitute a piece of wire or other makeshift device for a proper fuse.

5 Various relays are plugged into the fuse block and include those for the heated rear screen, heater and horns.

6 On cars fitted with power-operated front windows and centralised door locking, the fuses and relays for these circuits are mounted separately under the right-hand side of the facia panel.

7 The relay (flasher unit) for the direction indicators and hazard warning lamps is located on the lower part of the steering column combination switch and is accessible after removing the column shroud.

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