Fiat Uno Manual

Alternator - removal and refitting
Electrical system / Alternator - removal and refitting

Note: Depending on the model, access to the alternator from above may be poor in which case it will be necessary to work from the underside of the vehicle, through the right-hand wheel arch (after removing the roadwheel and the lower undershield). Refer to Chapter 13 for details.

1 Disconnect the leads from the rear of the alternator.

2 Release the mounting and adjuster link nuts and push the alternator as far as it will go in towards the engine (photos).

4.2A Alternator mounting
4.2A Alternator mounting

4.2B Alternator adjuster bolt
4.2B Alternator adjuster bolt

3 Slip the drivebelt from the pulley.

4 Remove the mounting and adjuster bolts and lift the alternator from the brackets on the engine. Remove downwards on 1116 cc and 1301 cc models.

5 Refitting is a reversal of removal, tension the drivebelt as described in Chapter 2, Section 8.

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