Fiat Uno Manual

Battery - inspection, charging, removal and refitting
Electrical system / Battery - inspection, charging, removal and refitting

1 The battery is of maintenance-free type and under normal circumstances, no topping up will be required, but regularly check that the electrolyte level is between the minimum and maximum lines on the translucent battery casing.

2 If the electrolyte level does drop below the minimum line, suspect a leak in the battery casing or that the alternator is overcharging. If the latter is the case, rectify the alternator fault and then prise out the two rectangular plugs from the top of the battery and top up with distilled or purified water.

3 Always keep the battery terminals clean and smear them with petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion.

4 The battery will normally be kept fully charged by the alternator, but it is possible for the battery to become discharged if the daily mileage is very low with much use being made of the starter and electrical accessories.

5 When the battery begins to deteriorate with age it may also require a boost from a mains charger.

6 Disconnect both battery leads before connecting the mains charger.

7 To remove the battery from the car, first disconnect the leads from the battery terminals (earth first) and then unscrew the securing clamp from the casing projection at the base of the casing (photo).

2.7 Battery clamp
2.7 Battery clamp

8 Lift the battery from its mounting platform.

Refitting is a reversal of removal. Reconnect the earth cable last.

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