Fiat Uno Manual

Vacuum servo unit - removal and refitting
Braking system / Vacuum servo unit - removal and refitting

1 Syphon as much fluid as possible out of the master cylinder reservolr.

2 Disconnect electrical leads from the terminals in the reservoir cap then uncouple the rigid pipelines from the master cylinder body. Be prepared to catch leaking fluid and plug the open ends of the pipelines.

3 The master cylinder can be unbolted now from the servo unit, or detached later when the complete assembly is withdrawn.

4 Working inside the car, disconnect the servo pushrod from the pedal then remove the servo mounting nuts.

5 Withdraw the servo assembly into the engine compartment, then remove it to the bench. lf the master cylinder is still attached, cover the wings with protective sheeting, in case brake fluid is spilled during removal.

6 Refitting is a reversal of the removal process, but adjust the pushrod clearance as described in Section 9. On completion of refitting, bleed the complete hydraulic system as described in Section 12. Note: Where the help of an assistant is available, the servo pushrod need not be disconnected from the pedal. The rod is a sliding fit in the servo and the servo can be simply pulled off the rod.

Refitting without having disconnected the rod from the pedal can be difficult unless the help of an assistant is available.

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