Fiat Uno Manual

Braking system / Maintenance

1 At the weekly service check, inspect the fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir.

Topping up should only be required at very infrequent intervals and should only be necessary owing to the need for extra fluid in the hydraulic system caused by wear of the friction material of the disc pads and shoe linings.

2 The need for frequent or regular topping up will be due to a leak in the system, probably from a hydraulic cylinder seal or a flexible hose. Correct the problem immediately.

3 Use only clean new fluid for topping up. lt must be of the specified type and have been stored in a closed container and not have been shaken for at least 24 hours (photo).

2.3 Fluid reservoir cap and float for warning switch
2.3 Fluid reservoir cap and float for warning switch

4 At regular intervals, check the hoses and pipelines for condition. Adjust the handbrake if the lever travel becomes excessive. Check the condition and security of the brake servo vacuum hose. All these operations are described later in this Chapter.

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